September 2018 Budget and Income Projections

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 11.14.48 PM

We’re back to school!  Lynn is back to her full-time job and I couldn’t be more excited to dive into our financial goals with our full income at work.  I’ll be posting follow up posts regarding our investing plans now that we’re out of our “lean season” as far as income is concerned.

2 thoughts on “September 2018 Budget and Income Projections

    1. Oh geez. I’ve recently taken on helping a few close family members who have decided they wanted to start budgeting and I have to say that it’s gotta be considering sinking funds. It applies even more for parents who have children who participate in expensive activities. Things like dance classes, pre-school tuition, and the holidays. Most people can’t afford to just bite the bullet and make those a line item in any given month, and it can create a lot of unwanted stress and tension. It’s as simple as making a separate online savings account (which takes about 5 minutes if you already have an account with an online bank) and taking the goal since most of those are fixed expenses or very predictable. Take the total you need to save and divide it by the number of weeks or months you have until the day the bill is due and set it up as an automatic debit. It takes all the pain out of that big purchase, you don’t have to think about moving the money after that last click, and it just becomes another small line item in your budget. An added bonus is a lot of things will actually offer a discount for paying them in full up front.


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