You can’t out-earn stupid (my first attempt)

By now I had resigned to charging Lady’s surgery to a credit card that I knew I couldn’t pay off. I scoured the internet endlessly looking for a way out of my situation. I was convinced that the problem wasn’t that we were over spending. We didn’t live lavishly.. and we both worked our asses off. We didn’t go on a bunch of expensive vacations.. we honestly didn’t have many date nights.. we weren’t wearing the latest clothes.. and we’ve never owned a brand new car. Naturally, I was convinced that we just didn’t have enough money coming in. I knew we lived somewhat simply.. and I knew we were both hard-working honest people.. so there was only one solution.

I was determined to out-earn my stupidity.

I spent the next week turning the internet inside out in search of the next spare time gig that would make us millionaires. Maybe I should borrow a bunch More money and go into real estate? I even had a friend who was interested in going partners! I could just borrow against the equity in my house! I brought that brilliant idea back to my wife, who quickly shot it down in the most polite way possible.

In case you hadn’t noticed, my wife saving my ass repeatedly is a prevailing theme in our story.

Then I decided I’d do surveys from my phone! Easy money! I was right by the way. Easiest 67 cents I ever made. I looked all over the internet for any way to add to my income until finally I started listening to podcasts.. and I stumbled on to a guy named Dave Ramsey.

God’s and Grandma’s way of handling money” was the tagline that really got me. My grandmother’s broke but I had never heard of a biblical perspective on money. If you give him a chance he’s really pretty light on the biblical references. What he’s really preaching is common sense. This was the first time in my life I’d heard someone state it that plainly. Write down all of the money coming in. Write down all the money coming out. Live on less than you make. Pay your debts off and live on a budget.

To read on to learn more about that first budget follow to our next post…

What a difference a budget makes…

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