How my wife and I got started…

My wife and I’s journey to getting our finances on track began in 2017. We got married in 2013 at 21 years old, but wandered aimlessly through our finances. We got our bills paid and charged the big stuff. My wife had student loans. We financed the remodel of our kitchen on a credit card. Money came in.. money went out.. and there was never any left over.. but we weren’t necessarily “struggling” either. Plus.. hey.. everybody’s broke, right? Especially when they’re young and newly married. We thought we were normal.. and we were right. The only problem is, normal in America today is deeply in debt and living paycheck to paycheck.

Normal today.. is broke.

My wake up call came in January of 2017. Our dog, Lady, was limping. I took her to the vet and got the news that she would require TPLO surgery.. a minimum of $3,000. I sat there in the vet’s office.. looking at my dog in pain and thinking.. how in the hell am I going to come up with $3,000? More importantly.. how am I going to explain to my wife (she was totally uninvolved in our finances at that point) that we don’t have $3,000 when she was under the impression everything was great?

I started racking my brain and remembered an old Roth IRA I had opened when I started to work and called my mom up to find out how to get in touch with them because I needed to cash it out to pay for the surgery. When I ran this by my wife she said she thought it was a bad idea.. but she didn’t really know why. So I decided to sit down and do a little research and find out what the hell a Roth IRA even was.. and how I could get the money out as quickly as possible. It was then that I stumbled on to the world of personal finance, and my life (and more importantly my wife’s life and my marriage) completely changed.

If you can draw any parallels to your own situation from what you’ve seen in ours I would love for you to continue reading to see how we managed to tackle our debt, get on a budget, increase our earning power, and set ourselves up to win with finances. This blog is going to track our journey (Including ALL the numbers!!) from the time we wrote it all down on a yellow pad for the first time, to where we are today, saving over 50% of our take-home pay!

You can’t out-earn stupid (my first attempt)

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