7 Smart Ways to Take Advantage of a 3 Paycheck Month

March 2018 is a 3 paycheck month for those of us on a bi-weekly pay schedule.  This is a great opportunity to jump start your financial goals, or even take advantage in a way you'd never thought of!  I'll show you 7 great ideas to make sure that 3rd paycheck isn't wasted.  These are in … Continue reading 7 Smart Ways to Take Advantage of a 3 Paycheck Month

What a difference a budget makes…

After listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast a few times I was immediately hooked.  I couldn't believe how much sense he was making and how uncomplicated the whole thing seemed to be.  I took that incredible folksy wisdom and proceeded to promptly overcomplicate and ruin a plan that is so simple and straightforward it is Literally … Continue reading What a difference a budget makes…

Our February 2018 Budget

I will be detailing our monthly budgets (putting all our cards on the table so you can follow along, even when we screw up) every single month.  The spreadsheets I will post with show our estimates from the beginning of the month compared to what we actually ended up spending.  This month the "entertainment" budget … Continue reading Our February 2018 Budget

You can’t out-earn stupid (my first attempt)

By now I had resigned to charging Lady’s surgery to a credit card that I knew I couldn’t pay off. I scoured the internet endlessly looking for a way out of my situation. I was convinced that the problem wasn’t that we were over spending. We didn’t live lavishly.. and we both worked our asses … Continue reading You can’t out-earn stupid (my first attempt)

February 2018 Net Worth Report

My wife and I had a great February and took a trip out of town for a long weekend together, which you'll see in our budget report. While doing that we were still able to save and invest a significant amount of money thanks to putting most of the trip on a rewards credit card … Continue reading February 2018 Net Worth Report

A Breakdown of How We Invest

Our method of investing is what I would call a hybrid approach amongst many people who have influenced our financial philosophy. I believe in staying 100% debt free (aside from a mortgage we are paying extra on to eliminate) so any credit card spending is purely to rack up some reward points for traveling and … Continue reading A Breakdown of How We Invest

How my wife and I got started…

My wife and I’s journey to getting our finances on track began in 2017. We got married in 2013 at 21 years old, but wandered aimlessly through our finances. We got our bills paid and charged the big stuff. My wife had student loans. We financed the remodel of our kitchen on a credit card. … Continue reading How my wife and I got started…